Hi, I’m Sadie!

I write books; loose poems and prose; and blog posts.

I once sustained a head injury from a papier mâché camp, and I cackle at every bad pun. I’m the messiest Bessie, highly competitive, bipolar, anxious, autistic, and hella queer.

My writing has appeared in various publications including Best Canadian Poetry, The Walrus, Grain, Foglifter, Literary Review of Canada, Kissing Dynamite, and The Gay & Lesbian Review.

I also speak to diverse audiences about neurodivergence, mental health, Madness, recovery, and the gifts that our darkest moments have to give us.

I am currently booking for virtual speaking gigs worldwide.

A caucasian female with brown hair poses in a teal sweater, dark jeans, and a black tank top with orange glasses on her head